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Managing Director: Hristo Tenchev

Sofia, Lozenets” district, 119Persenkstr, floor 13,apt. 77,

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XS Software is a software company, specialized in the development of browser multiplayer online games. With more than 1.000.000 registered players all over the world we are one of the most successful online games producer worldwide. Since our first game was launched in 2004 our portfolio covers now 3 mega online games, 2 entertainment portals and 1 gaming community portal. Since 2007 We began to internationalize our products worldwide, releasing separate customized game versions in Europe and Asia. Our Mission We strive to create unique and original online games, which are intriguing and exciting for thousands of players all over the world. Along with the complex and detailed gameplay, our games offer unique graphical experience to the user, using the latest technologies in web-design and computer graphics. Our Experience The XS Software team has created and popularized the first Bulgarian massive online game We have managed to establish new standarts in the developing of online games on both the Bulgarian and the International internet market. We are constantly gaining experience, while aiming to create more entertaining and different games in all genres: space, medieval, fantasy, etc. Our Vision We dream to provide the best online entertainment experience everywhere, any time and free for everyone. Therefore we are constantly evolving our existing products and developing new ones, exploring new realms of the entertainment sector.

XS-Software :

Best Strategy Game 2008 thumb|300px|right - 7 total titles

- 3 new exciting games

- 25 languages

- 50 countries

- 400 000 players

- 3 500 000 registered players

- Partners in the whole world

- Redefining online entertainment

- Top 5 Company in world of Online games

- International KhanWars Blog

- KhanWars Facebook Fan Page International and worldwide

- KhanWars Twitter Fan Page International and worldwide

XS-Software Games :

Here you can play on your language KhanWars

Here you can play on your language Nemexia

Here you can play on your language LadyPopular

Here you can play on your language PenguinFarmer

Here you can play on your language StreetMobster(Gangster)

XS-Software game clips

thumb|250px|left thumb|250px|center

- KhanWars

- Nemexia

- LadyPopular

- PenguinFarmer

- StreetMobster

XS-Software pics and clips

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Penguinfarmer 3

Ladypopular 1
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